Buying Real Estate in Sydney

When it comes to buying real estate in Sydney, knowing the local landscape is essential. We understand that the local market is not always easy to gain access to and often several contracts need viewing before a purchase is made. This is why at Property Conveyancing Solicitors Sydney we offer set-fee conveyancing. We don’t charge you for every contract we view, only when you make a purchase.

As local conveyancers, we are very familiar with local council requirements and are well versed with the practices and styles of local estate agents, as well as their contracts. We know what to look for, how to help you and how to navigate through the realities of purchasing in a high-demand area.

Knowing what you are buying is also important. To give you peace of mind, we can connect you with reliable pest and building inspectors, who are equally familiar with the style of buildings and property in our area.